About Jobido

Every single useful thing related to your job searching process is available at Jobido. We’re available to guide you along the way.


Our mission is to fully digitalize the job searching process, and make it easier for job seekers to create their resume and application.


Matias, CEO

Is finding a job hard for you?

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You're not alone!

It isn’t always easy to get a job. The struggle can result in a lot of frustration, which may lead you to doubt whether you’re fully able to describe your capabilities in the best manner.

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We'll help you

Our resume and application builders make the job searching process easier to overcome. Got any questions or any doubts? Ask us via our live chat or receive feedback on your material.

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Get your dream job!

Creating your material via our platform and receiving useful feedback from our team will hopefully result in a professional resume and application, thereby raising your chances of getting that dream job of yours.

Facts about Jobido

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coffee cups

Each Dane roughly consumes 1.5 cups of coffee á day. At Jobido, we're no exception. We consume more than 300 cups of coffee each week.

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cans of beer

We love an ice-cold beer. Each Friday, we gather for a couple of beers to celebrate the end of the workweek.

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songs played

Working effectively, all the while you’re listening to your favorite music. Sound great? We listen to all kinds of music - more than 500 songs a week.


Our team

Every single grain of success at our company is based on our employees, and we believe that success is created by combining hard work, dedication and a good work environment. Friendships and open communication create great ideas.

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