Does working at a start-up company with a dynamic work culture tickle your fancy? We’re always on the lookout for interesting profiles for our team.

Why work at Jobido?

We love meeting new people. Our team is a melting pot of different personalities, competencies, nationalities, and cultures and we’d love to add to it.

Our team is a composition of innovative people, where we always try to make a habit of trying new things, but also leave a lot of room for self-developing

Working at Jobido

Working at Jobido provides you with a plethora of opportunities for yourself and your career. We believe the best chances for personal development happen in an environment with a mixture of freedom and responsibility. We consider ourselves a dynamic team who enjoy working together. Sound attractive to you? Apply today.

Unique and dynamic culture
Development opportunities
Freedom and responsibility
Social gatherings
Flexible work hours
Company activities

Located in the center of Aarhus

Located in the center of Aarhus, Denmark’s second-largest city, the Jobido office is close to everything you need. Close to our office, you find various shopping opportunities, shopping streets that are busy as a beaver as well as lots of cafés and restaurants.

office office office

Who doesn’t love theme days?

At Jobido, we consider ourselves to be a small family. We enjoy hanging out with each other and the name of the game for us is theme days. Take a peek here!

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