How to write a good profile text for your resume?

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How to write a good profile text for your resume? 

More than 80% of all employers read your resume as the first thing when looking through the pile of potential employees to a given position. Thus, your profile text is key.

You have a short time and few words to capture the recipient’s attention for a recruitment purpose. These few words should ensure that exactly you get through the eye of the needle and have the opportunity to articulate your skills in a personal conversation.

In addition to your headline, your profile text is the most conspicuous on your application, as this is placed at the top of the resume. Therefore, through your profile text, you need to create interest and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


A profile text? Eh? 

Profile text, professional profile and summary. In fact, all of these names cover to some extent the same thing for a resume purpose: A summary of your qualifications and key competencies.

Put words into the value you bring to that position as well as your motivation for applying for the position. It’s the little text that acts as an appetizer for your future employer.

The profile text thus serves as a short summary of what you can do, who you are and what you want according to the specific position.


Five tips to improve your profile text: 

  1. Research is damn important 

Research. Do the groundwork. In this way, you can let your word in your profile text be reflected in the company’s values – of course without compromising on your own. It is important that you spend time getting to know what kind of company you are going to apply to, so that your profile text hits the company as best as possible.

You can also better target which of your competencies you need to point out in the profile text when you have your knowledge foundation well-founded in advance.

You can also incorporate buzzwords into your text that are related to the company and the position in question. Here, however, it is important to be careful not to directly copy the company’s phrases and ways they describe the company.

  1. Keep your profile text short

A resume is often described as a short overview of your life in a professional context. With an added focus on short. Actually, a recent survey showed that 41% of all employers only use 1 to 2 minutes to read your resume. This is an indication that you only have a few minutes to persuade your coming employer via your carefully chosen words. Therefore you need to prioritize which of your competencies you want to focus on.  

You can advantageously keep your profile text within 10 sentences, whereby you can quickly, but accurately, give an impression of yourself and your competencies. Your profile text on your resume can be seen as a thumbnail version of your application.

  1. Ensure that your profile text isn’t stuck in the past

A profile text is a summary of competencies, a kind of summary of your work and educational life. And yet not quite. You may know the concept from your school days, from the back of a book or something third – the purpose is the same: A summary describes an action backwards. It doesn’t really look ahead. However, this is not entirely the case with a profile text.

Specifically in this context, the profile text differs from the summary. When writing a profile text, target your life course toward a given employer.

You must write down the competencies you have acquired as well as the experiences you have acquired – but you must also state how these competencies and experiences can be expressed in the given work context that you want to fill in the future.

  1. Target your profile text

You only have precious little space to describe your competencies and your experience. You may find that you need to weed out your favorite phrases, favorite rhetoric, and some skills to make your profile text as concrete and concise as possible.

Thus, you need to select those of your competencies that suit the position in question. However, it may be that the competencies that must allow life in one context are relevant in another. Therefore, you need to target your profile text to the given position and change it from time to time; from position to position.

Feel free to incorporate the name of the company in question when you look ahead in your profile text. Your language and the content of your profile text must be reflected in the recipient, which is why it is important to differentiate in this.

All companies are different and it may seem lazy to just reuse their profile text.

Show your ambition for the position in question by really making an effort in the preparation of the material you submit, including your resume and profile text. This allows you to demonstrate early in the recruitment phase that you are eager and committed.

  1. Use concrete examples in your profile text

You can not avoid listing competencies and characteristics in a profile text, but it is fundamental that you also demonstrate that you have practiced and can practice these competencies. These examples should serve as evidence for the claims you make in listing your competencies.

Let’s assume that you write in your profile text that you are proactive and thereby optimize workflows, then you can formulate it in the following way, so that you integrate an example in your articulation of these competencies:

In my role as x at x, with the integration of x I have helped to optimize familiar workflows, which testifies that my ability to be proactive makes a difference. At x, you can benefit from this in the future with me in the role of x.

When you write this in the profile text, it could also be reflected down through your resume and the experiences you have had. If you are a recent graduate or for other reasons do not have much experience in the labor market, you can exemplify your competencies according to results and way of working in an educational context.

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