How to write an application for a spare time job?

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Application for a spare time job: How to? 

The pocket money is no longer enough. Maybe you have an eye on something you would really like to buy. It could also be that your parents have pushed you to get started. Maybe you just desperately want to get a spare time job. 

… Or is it something completely fourth that drives you in order to desire a spare time job. Read on as we guide you in the arms of your future employer by writing the perfect job application as a young worker.

Learning to commit to the job market is a big thing. Whether it’s your first youth job or your second, third, maybe fourth, it’s a big part of your development process towards your future career path.

The cornerstones of your future house are laid by the experience you gain through your leisure jobs, and you gain rewarding skills and the ability to take responsibility through them, which you can carry with you in the backpack of your life.


Find your spare time job

If you are not so far in the process that you have an eye on an exciting youth job that you would like to apply for, then it is first and foremost about finding a position that looks interesting.

It can be difficult to navigate around, but first and foremost you can write down what interests and wishes you have for the youth job in question.

That way, you can narrow down the large field of youth jobs to a smaller field. This allows you to more easily target your application and let your motivation shine through through your words.

There are several ways to dust off your dream youth job. First and foremost, you can take advantage of your network: Check with friends and family, friends’ family, family friends and everyone in between.

It can be a good starting point to know someone who knows someone who knows the person running the given business or organization. This gives you the opportunity to contact the person directly and position yourself strongly and independently by establishing contact.

Likewise, there are several job portals where you can search for vacancies. Navigating around this job portal world can be a jungle. When you visit these pages, you can search for many different types of jobs, just remember to filter your search. Choose the type of job and area, so you do not have to flip through thousands of positions to find your dream job.


Tips and tricks to set yourself apart from the others

You can also contact the company or organization directly. You can either contact them by email or phone, or you can physically show up at the place in question and inquire about whether they can use just you.

Thus, you stand out from the potentially large stack of applications that tower over your, hopefully, future employer’s desk.

Alternatively, many companies make use of definite career pages on their website. This means that you can find vacancies directly on their website and search them through it.


How to write the oh so crucial application? 

It is important that your application is very good. This is most likely the first impression the company gets of you. This is where you need to pitch yourself and show that you are obviously ideal in the role of their new colleague.

When you write an application, the recipient of your application is usually a generation older than you. Thus, he/her has some other values, another language and some other expectations.

Without losing yourself and your characteristics in the writing process, you need to focus on just that. Therefore, it is important that you avoid spoken language and the use of slang terms in your communication.

Nevertheless, you need to be aware that the application must reflect you! Sit down, possibly with a person close to you, and create an overview of what exactly you can do. This allows you to list some competencies that you can use in the position.

It can be difficult to create an overview of what exactly you can contribute to a position if you have never had a job before. Therefore, it is a good idea to just sit down with someone who knows you and who can help you get your skills rewritten into competencies for a work purpose.

However, it is important that it is still you who shines through in the application. It is you they have to hire with your competencies, therefore it is important that you are honest in your application. This should also be reflected in the language you use in your application. As mentioned, it should not be spoken language, but rather written language. But the wording you use should reflect you.

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