Keep your spirits high while searching for a job

Gustav Tornby


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Need help for your application? Talk to a friend or a family member

At Jobido, we often find that many people need help with their application. It does not mean that you have to pay for it or give up. Getting help with your job application can also be proofreading from acquaintances, friends or external advisors.


Remember to keep calm

But stay calm during your job search. It often happens that you get many different views on your job application material – therefore you need to be a little selective about the advice you get.

It is important that you are able to stage yourself with your job application. Advice from your career-minded friend is typically about results.

On the other hand, it may be that the jobcentre suggests a different strategy, e.g. make a standard job application – send 40 in one week rather than 5.

It may be a third recommendation to target each resume and application so that there is a focus on the qualitative instead of the quantitative.


Network your way to your job

Initially, we will get a little into your network – many job seekers underestimate their network! You can also get help applying via. network meetings. For those of you who are “officially” unemployed, there are also good initiatives from the jobcentre, which make active offers to the unemployed.

If you are under the wing at your local jobcentre, there is a good chance that you will get such an offer. Feel free to participate in these initiatives as much as possible. Feel free to reap knowledge and share experiences that have been a great help to you.

What has worked for others does not necessarily have to work for you either, as it is also about which industries you are in. Most important of all is that you get sparred, share knowledge and receive knowledge.


Network meetings – go go go!

Getting help applying for a job through network meetings can in some cases also be superficial, as most people are probably already in jobs.

Those who have their finger on the pulse within job search are the unemployed – because they do research, take coffee meetings with experts/managers and as far as possible seek feedback on their material.

In return, you can use the network meetings to reach out – hear if they know someone who lacks a profile like you.

Job groups on social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin and others, also work really well. While not necessarily hardcore networking, there is still an opportunity to expose yourself among 100,000 people on just one post.

Come up with something unique, exciting or fun and link it with your job search – post it afterwards. It’s not necessarily the way you find your job, but if you are not so selective, it’s a really good way.


Create a LinkedIn strategy – it actually works

A recommended help for your job application, which many experts suggest, is a LinkedIn strategy. Start branding yourself on LinkedIn. Record relevant videos of yourself. Write interacting posts. Network and add relevant connections.

Find people within your industry, possibly. ask if anyone would like a coffee meeting. You quickly get to know your own strategy. Follow it – but it’s important that you interact with your connections.

Get them to interact with your videos/posts so you are exposed among their networks.

In general, networking is a super sensible way to find a new job. In Denmark alone, we rotate around 8-900,000 jobs annually, which corresponds to almost 18-19% of the entire Danish population who change jobs every year.

Therefore, we can quickly conclude that job search also often bypasses a job posting!


The job searching trend changes year by year

As the headline so nicely states, the job searching trend is changing year by year. Just a few years ago, a person applied for a job in person; with a printed resume and application.

A so-called ‘motivated CV’ is also emerging, which means that you drop the application, but instead create a professional profile, which you target the individual job advertisement.

We live in a new decade where digitization is an even greater focus. The way you apply for jobs now still works in the traditional way:

  1. You send out your application
  2. You send out another couple applications
  3. Two or three weeks pass by, where you’re either invited to a job interview or perhaps rejected
  4. The circle continues

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